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 Seth Smythe

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Seth Smythe
Seth Smythe

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PostSubject: Seth Smythe   Seth Smythe EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 2:03 am

Name: Seth Alexander Smythe
Image: Seth Smythe Grant-Gustin-grant-gustin-32249148-612-612

Orientation: Gay
Hobbies: Drawing, Playing Guitar & Piano, Babysitting
Likes: Chocolate, Fluffy Animals, Books
Dislikes: Loud noises, parties, and almost all of his brothers 'boy toys'.

History: Seth has been mute since he was 10 and had been in a violent fight with his parents. His twin Sebastian never seemed to have a problem. This in itself was a problem, leaving Seth feeling like Sebastian didn't care what happened to his twin. Seth was overly sheltered and was always seen as the 'troubled child' and therefore wasn't allowed to really go anywhere. When Sebastian went to Dalton, Seth went to a public school and was humiliated and hurt day after day, feeling alone and unloved. Now, at 19 and graduated, he's snuck away to New York to find his brother and ask why he never came home. To ask why he didn't save Seth.
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Seth Smythe
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