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 Jeff Sterling

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Jeff Sterling

Jeff Sterling

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PostSubject: Jeff Sterling   Jeff Sterling EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 5:58 pm

Name: Jeff Sterling
Age: 19
Jeff Sterling Tumblr_lg2b0ljqll1qzl9k5o1_500

Orientation: Bi-sexual
Hobbies: singing, dancing, drawing, painting
Likes: traveling, cuddling, anything artistic, sugar
Dislikes: arguments, fighting, loud noises

Jeff grew up with an older brother and sister in the foster system from the time he was young until he and his sister were adopted by an older couple who wouldn't take in all three of them. The system had made him jumpy and nervous around everyone to the point where he had selective mutism, only speaking to his sister and, eventually, his new parents.

When he began Dalton, he went into his shell again and refused to speak. It was only when he had begun talking to his roommate Nick that he began to speak more, enough to go out for the Warblers and become friends with them. He slowly overcame his difficulties and made more friends at Dalton. He was still shy, but he spoke more and let people in.

After graduation, he moved to New York to attend NYU on a scholarship for graphic design. He works part time at Callbacks and Starbucks to make enough money to do things besides study and attend classes.
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Jeff Sterling
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