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 Character Claim

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Seth Smythe
Seth Smythe

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Character Claim Empty
PostSubject: Character Claim   Character Claim EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 1:51 am

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED!!! (Taken characters are italicized)


Seth Smythe/Sebastian Smythe/Kurt Hummel
Blaine Anderson/Eli C.
Cooper Anderson/Julian Smythe
Noah Puckerman/Finn Hudson
Hunter Clarington/Chandler Kiehl
Jake Puckerman/Joe Hart
Wes/David Karofsky


Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry
Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce
Marley Rose/Kitty Wilde


Tina Cohen Chang/Mike Chang
Brett / Sugar Motta
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evans
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Character Claim
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